On Demand Staffing

Staffing needs are constantly changing across technologies, verticals and geographies.

Emerging changes in the industry, a large project or the need for a skilled resource are some of the reasons which cause a sudden change in the staffing requirements of an organization. While being competitive in core business, it is difficult to anticipate the need for a skilled resource and to be adequately staffed.

There is also the possibility of resources becoming redundant due to unplanned ramp downs.
Marathon QI Consultants On Demand Staffing approach caters to the constantly changing staffing needs that enterprises and organizations constantly face.

We understand the need to be able to have the required skilled resources available on short notice. With a wide resource pool that includes career testers, certified professionals and technology specialists across multiple domains,

Marathon QI Consultants staff augmentation services provide professionals to test, develop, maintain and manage your applications

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