Test Staffing

Marathon QI has pool of hundreds of consultants on contract over the years to help our clients in the Europe and US to meet their immediate needs. Our consultants have been part of some of the most complex and Agile business environments and largest corporations in the world.
Marathon QI consulting team
• Understands technical requirements and organizational fit
• Delivers Speed
• Ensures Accuracy
• Reduces Dependability

With collaborations with IT professionals across the globe, Marathon QI Consultants addresses a wide range of resource requirements ranging from process champions to entire work groups and special teams.

The services also include executive and direct-hire candidates with the right combination of experience, leadership, and people and technical skills required to successfully team up with your global business.

Marathon QI Consultants has with professionals in areas like

• Test Engineers
• Test Analysts / Senior Test Analysts
• Test Coordinators
• Automated Test Engineers
• Mobile Application Test Engineers
• Mobile Test Architects
• Test Process consultants
• Test Managers
• Test Program managers
Write to us today to know more about our on – premise staffing offerings: staffing@marathonqic.com

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