Evaluation and Assessment is a systematic approach to gathering information about individuals Skills ,competencies,knowledge areas. This information can be used in a variety of ways to aid in QA and Testing workforce development.

Assessment is always conducted for a specific purpose. Marathon QI Consultants have tools and processes to conduct QA and Test workforce assessment to provide career guidance to clients.

Evaluation and Assessment Tests may provide information that helps individuals choose occupations in which they are likely to be successful and satisfied. In training and career development programs, Evaluation and Assessments tests are used to help identify employees or individuals who might benefit from either remedial or advanced training, or who are suitable for particular career development tracks. They also can be used to find out whether employees have mastered training materials

Marathon QI Consultants Evaluation and Assessment method is categorized broadly as Domain or Business , Technical , Project and People Management areas.

Marathon QI Consultants can help you to build your  organization QA and Test Career pathways framework in line with Test Maturity model Integrated ( TMMI) level 3 РTest organization requirements.

Marathon QI Consultants standard career pathway for QA and Test Professionals



For more details on Marathon QI Consultants approach Career Pathways for QA and Test community , please contact  : mktg@marathonqic.com

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